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    Best Play School In Saharanpur – Nalanda World School

    Learning is fun when it is put into practice. At Nalanda World School, one of the best play school in saharanpur, we make children indulge in fun activities. This is to make them mentally and physically active. We, one of the best play school in Saharanpur, believe that theoretical learning is not enough for the growth of a child’s intellect. Extracurricular activities play an important role for better learning. It helps in developing a child’s brain and enhances their calibre.

    At Nalanda World School there is a wide range of after school activities. Which provide a platform to explore and learn while having fun. Through a carefully drafted curriculum, we enable children to develop a lifelong love for learning. Our content is design using ETL learning, a world renowned methodology for teaching. This makes us rank among the best play school in Saharanpur and Deharadun. The methodology helps children to explore more and learn while having fun.

    Best Play School In Saharanpur

    Our Vision

    To Enable every child to discover the wonders of Childhood through creative play and social interaction. To provide a stimulating learning environment with a creative orientation across the whole. We provide a unique international education in English based on Multiple Intelligence Theory.

    Childhood is the most crucial and formative phase of a person’s life. This makes the selection of the right preschool important in every aspect. At our range of pre nursery schools in India, we ensure that your child learns from interactive tools and technology. And not just by mere instruction. Come let’s make learning fun and let your child discover an environment where they explore and blossom in their formative years. To ensure and enhance the all-round development of your child, as we are the best play school in saharanpur. We fuse the latest research on early childhood pedagogy along with our own expertise on child psychology and development over the last several years.

    Why Nalanda World School Is Best Play School In Saharanpur

    Nalanda World School has been made with the objective to address the early childhood care. And to bring about a balanced growth of children in a holistic manner, Best School in Saharanpur. Nalanda World School is expanding all across India with its registered office in Deharadun.

    We strive to bring all stake holders working towards safe and stress free childhood on a common platform. These are preschools, balwadis , NGO’s , children activity classes, teachers, parents, media houses. And companies dealing in children products and, in fact, everyone connected with young children.

    The Nalanda World School, best play school in saharanpur aims to be that one stop connection needed by all for the enrichment, networking, awareness and advocacy of childhood and everything that affects it.

    The Early Childhood Association wants to help professionals, teachers, people who deal with children through their work in balwadis, day care centres, rural crèches, teacher training colleges and entrepreneurial network (basically anyone who contributes directly or indirectly into the caring of a child) and be able to provide them with resources of every sort. Best Play School In Saharanpur. This could range from information, latest research, training and ideas and perhaps solutions and counselling.

    Best Play School In Saharanpur – Nalanda World

    NWS keeps conducting an array of programs for its stakeholders like conferences, seminars, workshops, networking with national and international organizations, training, counseling, consultancy, publication of books, etc.Through this widespread network, the organization is reaching out to youth in the rural and semi-urban regions of the country, with an aim to effectively unfold empowering entrepreneurship initiatives.We have also conceptualized and created Eduvantage PRO, a cost effective interactive learning solution that makes education through enhanced technological mediums accessible to every school across India. Best Play School In Sahranpur.


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