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    Top 5 Ways Nalanda World School Uses Learning Spaces

    Learning spaces are meant to kindle curiosity, motivate the mind to seek and find answers and make learning an enjoyable experience. Find out how Nalanda World School one of the best play school in saharanpur has utilized its space to create a positive and meaningful impact.

    Cheerful, happy learning spaces are known to impact the mind positively making it more receptive to information. A large percentage of a child’s learning happens at school. And therefore it’s imperative that the space meets the above criteria.

    The moment you enter the premises of Nalanda World School. You realize it stands out in comparison to most other schools in aesthetics and functionality. That’s why we are one of the best play school in saharanpur. It’s also evident that the design is a representation of a deeper vision and goal.

    Best Play School In Saharanpur - Nalanda World School

    The award-winning architecture of the school is root of the philosophy that each child is unique. And has a different learning style and a school should be able to recognize and orient it’s pedagogy to meet the child’s capabilities.

    5 fantastic ways Nalanda World School uses innovative design in its learning spaces

    1. Transparent glass partitions

    The chief architect of Nalanda World School has used glass as opposed to brick walls to divide the learning spaces. The idea works in a three-way manner.

    • It allows for ample sunlight to flow in. The natural energies reflect and bounce off the surfaces, to create a positive environment.
    • The children do not feel boxed-into restrictive areas. They are free to choose a space other than the classrooms to explore, experiment, and embrace information.
    • Such a design provides a greater degree of security and scope for unobtrusive supervision.

    2. Differently sized classrooms

    Learning happens in a lot of creative ways. For example, a child might choose art to depict a concept, another might prefer discussing a topic with peers. Yet another might like to work hands-on to grasp the nuances. Each of these tasks requires a different kind of ambiance and area to stimulate the mind accordingly. The school recognizes this important aspect and has differently sized rooms like the group rooms or multipurpose lecture rooms designed to suit every kind of task. Best Play School In Saharanpur – Nalanda World School.

    3. A non-linear design

    Children are naturally curious and love to explore. A non-linear system of learning is the need of the hour because individual learning needs are best addressed when there is flexibility. And an attitude that welcomes change. While Nalanda World School espouses this thinking through the NWS program. It goes a step further and physically represents the ideology through an unorthodox design. Much like waves or the notes of music, the curved corridors or non rectangular rooms allow for a smooth ebb and flow of movement and knowledge.

    4. Visually appealing labs

    A laboratory usually throws up an image of a formal space bound by instruments. And equipment that rigidly dictate the kind of work or study that is suppose to happen. However, in Nalanda World School even the laboratories are characterize by bright colours. And quirky elements to stimulate the creative juices and encourage innovation.

    For instance, the Imadeation lab was conceived and designed to encourage development of life-skills like carpentry or cookery and future skills like robotics. A dynamic space such as this offers itself holistically. The material available whets the child’s curiosity, is easily accessible and the well-structured programs channelize the child’s aptitude in an appropriate fashion. Best Play School In Saharanpur – Nalanda World School

    5. Specific areas for a wide-platter of activities

    The activities offered at the school are largely extensive, covering diverse genres. The facilities at the school meet the specific requirement for each of the various sports (from regular ones like basketball, cricket to unusual ones like archery and squash) and courses like theatre, sculpture, Zumba, jumping clay, ballet.

    Besides the above, the school also offers plenty of art-thematic courses, the kick-off events for which are organise at a special arena. This multipurpose arena or auditorium with a state-of-the-art facility is used to host a variety of programs from parent orientation to teachers’ training to world plays and thematic presentations by students and more. Best Play School In Saharanpur – Nalanda World School. Five Elements Of A Good School.

    • The NWS program empowers students with the knowledge and skills to meet the complex demands of a modern society as responsible individuals.
    • At Nalanda World School every student has an opportunity to excel beyond what they thought was possible.
    • Our Learning Portal Ensures 24X7 availability of the entire Learning Material.
    • At Nalanda World School the teacher is a partner and coach committed to ensuring student success.
    • The logbook facilitates parental involvement in student’s achievements.
    • Organizing each subject into steps provides academic depth.

    Intrigued by what you’ve read? Do visit the school for the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

    Best Play School In Saharanpur – Nalanda World School.


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