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    World Population Day – Nalanda World School

    World Population Day is observed every year on 11 July to make people aware of the increasing population around the world. The purpose of celebrating this day is that every person in the world should pay attention to the growing population and play their role in stopping the population. Best School In Saharanpur – Nalanda World School.

    The growing population has taken the form of a big problem in front of many countries of the world. Population explosion is a serious concern, especially in developing countries. On this day people are given information. About family planning, gender equality, human rights and maternal health.

    On July 11, World Population Day was started in 1989 by the Governing Council of the United Nations Development Program. At that time the world population was around 500 crores. Since then, this day world celebrates it on 11 July every year. This day highlights the ill effects of the growing population and also makes people aware to control the population.

    The day was first marked on 11 July 1990 in more than 90 countries. Since then many country offices, other organizations and institutions have celebrated World Population Day in partnership with governments and civil society. Best School In Saharanpur – Nalanda World School.

    Various events are organize on World Population Day. In this people are warn against the dangers of population growth. To spread awareness on World Population Day, there are various social events and gatherings. Organizing competitions, road shows, street plays and many other ways. Currently China and India are the most populous countries in the world.

    Theme This Time

    This year’s theme is particularly based on the protection of the health and rights of women and girls worldwide during the time of the Corona epidemic. Work women often work in an unsafe environment.

    This dramatic explosion of population has been a result of certain trends like increasing the number of people surviving to the reproductive age, “accompanied by major changes in fertility rates, increasing urbanization and accelerating migration”. These trends do not stop here and actually have far reaching effects. They do affect and will continue to affect the “economic development, employment, income distribution, poverty and social protections”.

    Increasing population will also affect the efforts by the UN and other authorities to ensure universal access to health care, housing, education, sanitation, food, water, and energy. Thus, we need to realise the pace at which the world population is growing and zero down on the quantity of the amenities and resources needed by the people.

    In the labor market too, women safety measures are often not give due consideration. Even during the Corona epidemic, women have been greatly affected by its economic effects. Around 60 percent of women worldwide informally contribute to the economy through their labor, so there is a greater risk of further poverty due to the economic impact on them.

    Another factor to count in is the disparity that girls and women suffer across the world. According to UNFPA’s flagship 2020 State of the World Population report.

    Currently the fastest growing population growth country is Nigeria. It’s estimate to overtake the US by 2050 and reach the third position. There is a steady increase in the number of elderly around the world. In the year 1950, there was a greater number of youth than the elderly.

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