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    World Blood Donor Day 2020

    This year, World Blood Donor Day is focused on the theme ‘safe blood saves lives’

    On World Blood Donor Day, health experts and patient advocacy groups espoused for promoting blood donation

    and stressed on its safety aspect in view of paucity of blood amid the coronavirus pandemic.

    Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan has been appealing to voluntary organisations, NGOs and people at large time

    and again to come forward and donate blood to maintain ample stocks to meet any eventuality in the country

    World Blood Donor Day is observed every year on 14th June to raise more awareness about the act of donating blood and celebrate the ones who save countless lives by doing it. T

    There are many among us who want to donate blood but are held back by misinformation and doubts about the procedure of it. Today, let’s answer some of these questions, beginning with:

    Is it safe to donate blood while one is menstruating? 

    It’s understandable where the idea comes from: your body is losing blood during menstruation already and you worry for your own health if you volunteer to give even more. But regular menstruation does not affect your ability to donate. You can safely donate blood during your period if it is required and your period will not be affected by the donation. It may be better to donate the week after periods, but it is still manageable if you are not bleeding heavily, your haemoglobin is more than 11 g/dl and you are not in any discomfort or pain. If you are bleeding heavily, then another form of blood loss like blood donation can potentially make you feel unwell by reducing your haemoglobin and iron levels in the body.

    Blood donation is voluntary, a noble deed and a great service which we can do for our fellow human beings. One donation of blood can save up to five lives. Blood transfusion helps patients in recovery and surgery, those who have platelet requirement, who have Hemophilia and ones undergoing organ transplantation or chemotherapy.

    Here are some general guidelines for people who want to donate blood:

    • Minimum haemoglobin needs to be 11 g/dl
    • Minimum weight should be 110 lbs
    • Age should be between 18 years to 65 years
    • One should not be fasting before donating
    • One should drink plenty of fluids before donating blood
    • They should remember to be on iron-rich foods, always especially the week before donation
    • Their temperature should be normal
    • They need to provide their medical history
    • They need to go through a risk assessment for transfusion-transmissible infection

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